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Computing is central to learning at our school as we believe that children need to use technology from a very early age to be able to succeed in the ever changing world. Pupils are taught computing both discretely and more commonly in a cross-curricular approach.

Coding is a new element on the Computing Curriculum and is being covered in all groups using exciting interactive software Espresso Coding as well as other programmes.

Computing is embedded throughout the termly topics to enhance children’s learning in other areas of the curriculum. Children regularly use tablets and laptops and have access to other digital equipment including: cameras, videos, sound recorders, microscopes and programmable toys.

All classrooms have Interactive Whiteboards and visualisers. We also have 32 pupil laptops stored in trolleys to enable them to be easily transported and used in all classes.  In addition, we now have 15 ipads and 15 Samsung galaxy tablets which the children thoroughly enjoy using to support their learning in all areas of the curriculum.

Computing Progression

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