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Admission and Funding Information


The Governing Body has sole responsibility for admissions to St John's Nursery.

Age of admission: 

Children are admitted to the Nursery Class the academic term after their third birthday. There are three admission dates each year. January, March/April and September. The maximum number of children which are admitted to the Nursery Class in any one year is 22 children.

  • Children born in September to December (Autumn born) will start in the January after their 3rd birthday. 
  • Children born in January to March (Spring born) will start in the April after their 3rd birthday. 
  • Children born in April to August (Summer born) will start in the September after their 3rd birthday.

All 3 and 4 year olds in England are entitled to 15 hours free Nursery provision for 38 weeks of the year. There are 30 hours free Nursery provision for eligible families. We are able to offer both 15 hour and 30 hour places for children from the term after they turn 3. More information about the entitlements can be found by clicking on the link below:

15 Hours


30 Hours